Contains No Spoilers After years of anticipation it is time for the actual release of BioShock Infinite. We’ve been hearing about, seeing glimpses, reading articles about sneak peaks into the world of Columbia, Elizabeth and Songbird. Somehow it still seemed like a mirage off in the gaming horizon. But now it is here! Released the […]

Peep Show! How Much Is Too Much Game Coverage?

It seems there has been a resurgence of immersive game worlds as of late. However, the city that sticks out most prominently in my mind is Dishonored‘s Dunwall. Arkane Studio’s Dishonored, a story of a supernatural assassin bent on revenge or rectitude, depending on how you play, was treated with well-deserved success upon arrival. The […]

Dunwall: A Tale of Two Cities

Don’t get me wrong. I am a big fan of BioWare games. I’ve played through all of the Mass Effect saga and Dragon Age: Origins. I haven’t made my way to play any Knight of the Republic but it’s a possibility. After much trepidation I’ve decided to try Dragon Age 2. I know, I know, […]

BioWare, STOP Gamifying Your Relationships

Finding the Fun in Dishonored What first drew me to Dishonored was it’s unique art style and it’s outlandish powers. Ever since my childhood, filled with comic books and science fiction and fantasy media, I had dreamed of having supernatural powers. The ability to teleport(blink) and transport your mind telepathically into another body(possession) immediately brought […]

Currently Playing: Dishonored

In my year of trying to catch up to playing classic games of this console generation I’ve finally made my way to Assassin’s Creed II. Having heard nothing but good things about this game but not doing much research on it, I went into it with a clean slate. The first thing that caught my attention was the […]

Control Mechanics As Storyteller in ‘Assassin’s Creed II’

“Does the ends justify the means?” is often referenced ethical theory in popular culture but when it comes to the ending of the much loved and criticized Mass Effect saga it might be more appropriate to ask “Do the means justify the ends?” Although Mass Effect 3 received critical praise across the board from video […]

In ‘Mass Effect 3’, Do the Means Justify the Ends?

After screening the San Francisco premiere of Battle Royale, made possible only because of the success of The Hunger Games, it is time to compare and contrast the two films. To set the scene, we open on a dystopian near futuristic world, yet seemingly familiar, overrun with crime and violence. Teenagers are forced to fight […]

‘Battle Royale’ vs. ‘The Hunger Games’

Welcome to Hell. Shadows of the Damned isn’t a game for everyone. It’s filled with as many dick jokes as b-horror movie references, and is a better game for it. Shadows of the Damned’s punk rock spirit shines through it’s storytelling, voice acting, and it’s varied game play. While not as polished as past endeavors […]

‘Shadows of the Damned’ Review