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Games of the Year 2014

It has been an interesting year, for gaming and myself. Perhaps not the best for either. Having¬†been plagued by health problems that began with my back, extended through my neck and extremities, resulting in some ongoing conditions, has left me with little time for gaming. I decided to take some time off and work on […]


Games of the Year 2013

It has been an interesting year in gaming. There have been many milestones in the triple A space and the indie scene continues to boom. It is also the first year in my adulthood that I have been active enough a gamer to put together some sort of “best of” list. My list will not […]


Now Playing: Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition

Currently I’ve been playing Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition in order to review. While I am an avid RPG fan and a fan of BioWare in general, I must admit I am new to the Forgotten Realms universe. And my first ¬†observation is, wow, modern RPG players are really very spoiled. Baldur’s Gate II uses […]


GaymerX: Why We Need a Gay Gaming Convention

August 3rd and 4th at the Hotel Kabuki in San Francisco marked the first GaymerX, a gay-oriented gaming convention. For the first time a convention was created, run, and devoted to gay gamers, as well as gay game industry insiders. The convention featured multiple panels, artist booths, rooms dedicated to gaming, game journalists, fan cosplay, […]

Steam Summer Sales 2013

Steam Summer Sale Frenzy!

I have to admit something. I’m relatively new to PC gaming. Yes, I said it. I’m new to this WASD, mouse and keyboard thing. My parents didn’t buy us computers when we were young. They were luddites. I was raised solely on console gaming and good old-fashioned arcades. That being the case, this is my […]


Console Wars: Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4 – Who Is the Real Winner?

Now that Microsoft and Sony have both made their sales pitches and the smoke has cleared, Sony appears to be the unanimous winner. I’m still not entirely convinced by either company that, from what they’ve presented, that we need another console. All current generation consoles are capable of being an entertainment hub, from streaming Netflix […]


Microsoft Press Conference Fails to Impress at E3

Microsoft has been having a hard time shaking it’s anti-gamer reputation as of late. After it’s disappointing Xbox One reveal last month Microsoft was surely hoping to turn consumers around with their E3 press conference, it’s hard to say that they succeeded. The backlash over offering no backwards compatibility, an ambiguous used games policy, and […]